Cosmetic Dentist Glasgow.com Smile Makeovers

If you  are interested in Cosmetic Dentistry in Glasgow or have considered getting a smile makeover then this will guide you through the process.

The Smile Makeover journey starts with the consultation.  This is your first opportunity to meet the team that Jamie works with at The Berkeley Clinic. At this relaxed and informative appointment Jamie will listen to your concerns, assess your dental problems and create a wish list of what you would like your new smile to look like.  This is an opportunity for you to discuss all of the things you would like to change and learn how different cosmetic dentistry techniques can allow you to achieve the ultimate smile.
The most up to date technology is used to assess your smile and the condition of your teeth, gums and jaw joint.  In order for you to have a smile that will last and give you a healthy mouth for years to come we will thoroughly check the condition of all of these systems. 


Cosmetic Dentist Glasgow.com Your Healthy New Smile

By using the TScan digital bite scanner and the JVA jaw joint scanner Dr Newlands is able to detect underlying problems with your bite or jaw joint and tailor your new smile to work in harmony with your body.  This is very important as a changing the shape of your smile by having cosmetic dentistry will also affect the way your teeth work.  This should only be done once your dentist has learnt how your jaw muscles and jaw joint function.  If care and expertise is not used during the cosmetic dentistry process then your new teeth can chip or break or you may suffer from dental headaches.  It is for this reason that Dr Newlands will only carry out a smile makeover once digital bite scan and Joint Vibration analysis have been carried out.

Once you have discussed how you would like your new smile to look a cosmetic dentistry care plan is made giving you all of the options available to achieve your new look.  
After all of the options are discussed and you are happy with the proposed changes a cosmetic dentistry new smile preivew is created by Master Lab Technician and ceramist to the Stars "Ian Taylor".  Ian creates your new individual smile by using the photographs, impressions of your mouth and jaw scan measurements.  By tailoring your smile after assessing your face and features as well as how your mouth functions.  By taking such care and attention to detail we can ensure that your new teeth not only look great, but look great for you.  Unfortunately a lot of smile makeovers are not individualised to the persons features and as such they look the same from one person to another, in some cases not fitting the patients face or allowing the healthy function of the jaw muscles and joint.  This can lead to problems like dental headaches, chipped and broken teeth and eventually dental migraines and TMD.
The life size cosmetic dentistry smile preview allows you to see the proposed changes and shows you how your new smile will look.

Your Smile Makeover Plan

Having designed your new smile Jamie and his team will then provde you with a full breakdown of all the costs and the number of stages involved.  This cost breakdown is valid for up to  6 months after it is given.  Should you wish to discuss financing your new smile or any cosmetic dentistry procedures then one of the team will be happy to discuss this with you.  In many cases  we are able to offer interest free credit to our patients.


"Smile makeover in a Day"

In many cosmetic dental cases Jamie and his team are able to perform his "Smile makeover in a Day" procedure.  This is where you go from your existing smile to your new smile in a single visit, without having to go home with plastic temporaries, and without waiting 2 weeks for your veneers to be made.  When Jamie performs a Smile in a Day procedure he uses The Berkeley Clinics in house Cerec 3D Bluecam and Cerec 3D MCXL to make bespoke super strong long lasting crowns and veneersThe Berkeley Clinic is the only one of its' kind in the UK to offer this specific procedure.  By performing this procedure in this way you can have exact smile that you desire in just 1 visit.

Have a look at just some of the life changing smiles created by Cosmetic Dentist Dr Newlands and how the patients have felt after their smile makeover journey.


"Smile makeover in a Day" Procedure

Smile Makeover

As the name suggests a smile makeover is a new smile that has been designed to look better in many ways. It may align crowded teeth, close gaps, reduce protrusion, whiten, reduce a gummy smile, widen a narrow smile, change the length or shape of teeth, replace missing teeth or any combination of the above. A smile makeover usually involves at least the top eight or ten teeth and sometimes the lower eight or ten teeth too. The most frequent treatments used in a smile makeover are multiple porcelain veneers because they are the most conservative restoration and because they are strong and highly aesthetic.

Along with porcelain veneers successful smile makeovers can also use crowns and bridges supported by both natural teeth and dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry can also use rapid orthodontics to straighten teeth in as little as 6 weeks prior to tooth whitening or placement of veneers


Smile Makeover Consultation

At The Berkeley Cosmetic Dental Clinic all of our smile makeovers involve the use of digital photography and computer aided smile consultation to help you visualise your new smile just the way that you want it

Once the discussions about how you would like your new smile to look like are complete and you have had all of your questions answered then the next stage is to take master impressions and a record of how your jaw works.  This information is sent to our master ceramist to the Stars and technician for 10 years younger.  Ian assesses all of the photographs and information from your new smile consultation and then designs a 3D smile preview.

Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow .com  3D smile preview

Oncfe the 3D smile makeover preview is returned we will discuss the proposed changes to your smile and make any changes that you are unhappy with.  Once you are happy with the 3D smile preview the next stage is for you to have your cosmetic dentistry makeover.

3D preview picture

Smile makeover in a Day

The first stage is for you to be made gently numb.  We use our own "pain free" injection technique to make the numbing up process very gentle.  Patients often comment that they do not even feel the numbing process.  If you are nervous and would like to be sedated then we can arrange for this too.

Once you are comfortably numb we carefully and gently prepare your teeth for the ne veneers, crowns and or bridges. Once the teeth are gently prepared we transfer the new smile makeover from a template made from the 3D smile preview.  This then shows you your new smile in youe mouth. 

At this stage we will fine tune and make any changes to the shape and position of your teeth.  Once you are then happy with the smile we then scan it into out Cerec 3D Bluecam tooth scanner and start making your crowns and veneers in our Cerec 3D MCXL precison ceramic milling chamber.

Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow.com Natural Looking Smile Makeover

You may want a "Holloywood" smile like Simon Cowell or you may want a more natural less white smile.  Whatever you would like Jamie and his team will advise you and give the smile that suits you and will make you feel more confident and happy.  Cosmetic Dentistry and all of the options available can improve your smile in so many ways.


Once all of the veneers and crowns are made they are carefully fitted.  Once fitted the Smile Makeover journey is finished and you have your wonderful new smile.  All in a single Visit.