Please take some time to look at the before and after cosmetic dentistry results.


January Smile of the month:


This patient came in unhappy with her smile.  There was a difference in coloour of the teeth.  Her two front teeth leaned to one side and she felt they were too prominent.  She also wanted an improvement in colour and the old crown to be replaced.  Whilst she wanted a nicer whiter smile she still wanted her teeth to appear natural.  The colour and brightness of a smile is a personal choice.  You can have whatever smile you would like.



cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile before pic 1

Her new smile was completed in a single visit by Jamie Newlands using a combination of veneers and a new crown using the smile in a day technique.


cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile after pic 1


February smile of the month:


February was another great month for helping make people smile!  This case say the patient leave with an american "Hollywood Smile"


For a long time they had felt their teeth were uneven, broken and difficult to chew with.  They had always dreamed of a very white bright hollywood smile.  We completed the smile over two visits after having gone through the smile makeover journey we had the new smile designed.  Once the patient was happy with the new smile design we then completed the treatment by carrying out a smile in a day for his upper teeth first.  The following day we successfully completed the smile in a day procedure for his lower teeth.


cosmetic dentist glasgow smile before pic 2

The before situation:  Uneven smile. Gaps between the teeth. 


cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile before pic 3

notice the uneven slanting teeth and the mismatched crown colours.

cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile design pic 1


The design for the patients new smile.  This was created by my master lab technician to be both beautiful and functional and correct the proportions and shape of the teeth as much as possible.

cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile after pic 2


The hollywood smile was completed in two days.  The patient was delighted with the result.


March smile of the month:


March saw a record number of new smiles at the clinic.  This case had a number of interesting aspects to it.  The patient want whiter straighter teeth but they also wanted their teeth to be more feminine.  We assessed her smile and discussed the things she wasn't happy with.  Firstly her teeth were pointing to one side.  Secondly she had a discoloured veneer on one of her central incisors and finally she felt her teeth were too pointy and hidden.

cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile before pic 3


After listening to all of the patients concerns and desires we had a new smile designed that would both look beautiful and suit the patients face but also work well with her jaw and how she ate and chewed food.

cosmetic dentistry glasgow smile after pic 3

The smile was completed in one visit.  She was delighted with the result.



April smile of the month:


April's smile of the month was a very rewarding case.  The patient was unhappy with the unevenness of her smile.  The colour and the problems that she had chewing.  We completed her new smile in a single visit and she is delighted with the natural brighter more even smile.  The case used a combination of ceramic crowns, ceramic veneers, teeth whitening and some prophyjet power cleaning.


April Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow before pic


April Cosmetic Dentistry Glasgow after pic